BC Ferries and the Province of British Columbia recently announced a new agreement that will ensure reliable and sustainable ferry services for the next 40 years. The agreement, which was signed in December 2020, outlines the long-term capital and operating funding commitments, as well as performance targets for BC Ferries.

One of the key goals of the agreement is to provide more affordable fares for passengers. As part of this initiative, the Province of British Columbia will fund upgrades to select vessels in the BC Ferries fleet to allow them to use liquefied natural gas as a fuel source. This move is expected to reduce operating costs and, ultimately, lead to lower fares for passengers.

In addition to affordability, the agreement also prioritizes sustainability. BC Ferries has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. This target is in line with the Province`s commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030, compared to 2007 levels.

To achieve this goal, BC Ferries plans to invest in new, more energy-efficient vessels. The company will also explore the use of renewable energy sources, such as wind power and hydrogen fuel cells, to power its fleet.

The new agreement also addresses the issue of connectivity between ferry services and other modes of transportation, such as buses and trains. BC Ferries will work with the Province and other transportation providers to coordinate schedules and improve connections, making it easier for passengers to travel between destinations.

Finally, the agreement outlines performance targets that BC Ferries must meet in order to receive funding from the Province. These targets include on-time performance, customer satisfaction, and financial sustainability.

Overall, the new agreement between BC Ferries and the Province of British Columbia represents a significant step forward in ensuring reliable, affordable, and sustainable ferry services for residents and visitors to Canada`s west coast. By prioritizing affordability, sustainability, and connectivity, BC Ferries aims to continue providing safe, reliable, and enjoyable ferry services for decades to come.